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The use of fiber-optic system

The use of fiber-optic system

Issue Time:2011-08-09

The use of fiber-optic system
Communications applications
Optical fiber can be used in communication technology inside. In September 1979, a 3.3 km road cable communication system 120 constructed in Beijing, after a few years in Shanghai, Tianjin, Wuhan and other places have also laid a fiber-optic cables, the use of optical fiber communication.
Multi-strand cable made of optical fiber can be used for communication, its good conductivity, transmission information capacity, a channel can accommodate dozens of people call. Can transmit dozens of TV shows for free elections to see.
The use of optical fiber for communication is called optical fiber communication. A pair of metal lines can also send up to way more than a thousand calls, according to theoretical calculations, a pair of optical fiber as fine as spider silk can pass ten billion Road phone! The laying of 1,000 km of coaxial cable approximately 500 tonnes of copper, optic fiber communication takes only a few kilograms of quartz on it. With quartz sand in it, is almost inexhaustible.
Medical Applications
Fiber-optic endoscope into the heart and the ventricles can be measured in the heart, blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, body temperature and so on. Connected with optical fiber laser scalpel has been in clinical use, and method can be used as photosensitive cancer.
In addition, the use made of optical fiber endoscope that can help doctors examine the stomach, esophagus, duodenum and other diseases. Fiber-optic endoscopy is composed of thousands of root fiberglass hose, it has light transmission, the ability to transfer images, there are soft, flexible, and can be bent, etc., through the esophagus into the stomach. Fiber-optic images coming out of the stomach, the doctor can get a glimpse of the stomach of the case, then the situation for diagnosis and treatment.
Sensor applications
Optical fiber can be sent to every corner of the sun, can also be machined. Computers, robotics, automotive power distribution panel, also has been successfully used optical fiber transmission light or image. With sensitive components such as the combination or use of its features, you can make a variety of sensors, measuring pressure, flow, temperature, displacement, luster and color. In energy transmission and information transfer are also widely used.

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