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  1. We are a professional Patch Panel manufacturer and supplier in China. Here you can find high-quality products in a competitive price. Also we supply OEM service of products for you.
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Cat 6 UTP 24 Port Rack-Mount Patch Panels

UTP/FTP Patch Panel Cable Assemblies, 48 Ports Patch Panel,1U RJ45 CAT6 Copper Patch Panel, 19" Rack Mount 24 port patch panel

Cat3 50 port telephone patch panel JP-6420

CAT3 Patch panel, Un-shielded type
Krone IDC type
Black color
A: 8 pin IDC block
B: 4 pin IDC block

Cat6 24 port patch panel JP-6421

1.   Performs to Cat6 standard ( component level )
2.   Design to mount to any standard 19'' rack or cabinet
3.   Terminat...

Blank High Density Patch Panel 24-Port for keystone jack

The port openings will accept any "Keystone" device. Load your patch panel with any combination of the following:

Blank Ethernet Rackmount Patch Panel 12 16 24 48 port

Blank Patch Panels are perfect for CAT3, CAT5E, CAT6, CAT6A, and CAT7 network installations

Cat5e 12 ports patch panel JP-6411

1.   JP-6411 A: 110 IDC type  
2.   JP-6411K: krone IDC type 
2.    With plastic bracket
3.    Un-shielded type

Cat5e 24 ports patch panel JP-6412

1.    JP-6412A, 110 IDC type
4.    With colored sign
5.    Un-shielded type
Patch panel designed and manufactured in acco...

Cat5e 24 ports patch panel JP-6414

1.    JP-6414A, 110 IDC type.
2.    JP-6414K, Krone IDC type.
3.    Un-shielded type

Cat5e telephone patch panel JP-6415

CAT5E Patch panel
  110 IDC type
  RJ45 Un-shielded type
  ROHS compliant
  Contact pin: gold-plated

Cat5e 24 port patch panel JP-6416

1.    JP-6416A, 110 IDCtype.
2.    JP-6416K, Krone IDCtype.
3.    JP-6416D, Dual IDC type
4.    Un-shielded type

Cat3 25 port telephone patch panel JP-6419

JP-6419A, 110 IDC type.
JP-6419K, Krone IDC type
black color
 there are 25 or 50 port patch panel,black or li...

Cat6 48 port telephone patch panel JP-6422

1.    Optimized spacing between port rows for better cable routing
2.    Design to mount to any standard 19'' rack or cabin...

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