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  1. We are a professional LSA Module manufacturer and supplier in China. Here you can find high-quality products in a competitive price. Also we supply OEM service of products for you.
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LSA-PLUS Dropwire Connection Module 5/10

LSA-PLUS Series 5 is the modular system for 10 pairs thicker overhead cable (dropwire) connection

AMP Mini Picabond Connector Wire Splice Connector

Picabond regular and weather resistant Mini Connectors

Krone Style IDC Modules 237B IDC Blocks

Krone Style 237B IDC Modules contain a one pc contact providing a continuous link between wiring.

10 pair LSA disconnection module JA-1001

1. JA-1001A,grey base,white body
2. JA-1001B,grey base,yellow body
3. JA-1001C,grey base,grey body,with colored label

LSA Plus Disconnection Module 10 pairs US$ 0.01piece

We offer four types of IDC (Insulation Displacement Connector) module, each are for different applications

Cord sets 6/10E led set 6/10e

Cord Sets 6/10E,connection cords 6/10E

10 Pair Disconnection Module JA-1035

1.    The module can be put into PCB block on the base. 
2.    Internal diameter of wire: 0.4mm-0.65mm.

LSA IDC module;LSA IDC connector JA-1011

1. A:2 pin  B:4 pin  C: 6pin D:8pin
2. connection contacts, PCB solder tails,

Connecting strips PCB-PLUS-Standard, type Krone 6048 1 080-00

For terminating Cat3, Cat5e and Cat6( 300MHz ) Copper cables at LSA-PLUS contacts

10 pair disconnection module with PCB JA-1036

1. With PCB and screw block.
2. Internal diameter of wire:0.4-0.65mm
3. Color: grey base, white body.

6 pair LSA disconnection module 2/6X3 JA-1033

1. JA-1033A, 6 pair LSA disconnection module
2. JA-1033B, 6 pair profile disconnection module

10 pairs LSA earthing module(237E) JA-1007

1. JA-1007A,10 pair LSA earth module.
2. JA-1007B,10 pair LSA profile earth module.

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