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LSA-PLUS Dropwire Connection Module 5/10

LSA-PLUS Dropwire Connection Module 5/10

LSA-PLUS Dropwire Connection Module 5/10
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Dropwire Connection ModuleConnection Module 5/10
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Update Time2021-06-12
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LSA-PLUS Dropwire Connection Module 5/10


LSA-PLUS Series 5 is the modular system for 10 pairs thicker overhead cable (dropwire) connection which may consist of plastic insulated, copper-coated steel or bronze wires or solid copper wires without soldering, screwing or wire stripping.

LSA-PLUS Series 5 contacts accept up to 2 plastic insulated copper wires (incoming cable) of equal diameter in the lower contact area, and can then be connected to a dropwire or a 1.5mm2 plastic insulated copper wire (outgoing cable) in the upper contact area. Connection and Disconnection of the dropwire or copper wire from the contact can be carried out without affecting the lower cable wires (incoming cable).

LSA-PLUS Series 5 Dropwire Connection Modules can be fit for line protection using over voltage protection magazines 2/10 from LSA-Plus Series 2 programme, which are attached to the center contacts of the module. When over voltage protection is used, an earth lead with a maximum diameter of 2.5mm2 should be connected to the earth screw clamp terminal.

Testing work can be carried out with 2-pole test cords( from LSA-PLUS Series 2 accessories programme) via center contacts of the modulewhich being connected in parallel with the line. The earth bar contained in the module can optionally be supplied ready assembled with high voltage protection.

  • Uses the proven LSA-PLUS contact principle
  • Connection made without soldering, wire stripping or screws
  • Reliable and efficient connetion of wires, high contact safety
  • The lower connection contacts accept up to 2 dropwires (incoming cable) of equal diameter
  • The upper connection contacts accept a dropwire or a 1.5mm 2 plastic insulated copper wire (outgoing cable)
  • Center contacts provide additional contact point for test cords or installation of over voltage protection magazine
  • Provision for over-voltage protection
  • Added safety for personnal and equipment
  • Suitable for use in all climates
  • 10-Pair Sizes
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