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10 Pair Disconnection Module JA-1035

1.    The module can be put into PCB block on the base. 
2.    Internal diameter of wire: 0.4mm-0.65mm.

10 pair disconnection module with PCB JA-1036

1. With PCB and screw block.
2. Internal diameter of wire:0.4-0.65mm
3. Color: grey base, white body.

LSA Plus Disconnection Module 10 pairs US$ 0.01piece

We offer four types of IDC (Insulation Displacement Connector) module, each are for different applications

6 pair LSA disconnection module 2/6X3 JA-1033

1. JA-1033A, 6 pair LSA disconnection module
2. JA-1033B, 6 pair profile disconnection module

5 pair LSA disconnection module JA-1006D

used with the protection unit can achieve over-voltage and over-current protection for the switching equipment

8 pair LSA disconnection module JA-1003

1. The module contain two piece contacts normally closed.
2. Internal diameter of wire: 0.4mm-0.65mm.

10 pair LSA disconnection module JA-1001

1. JA-1001A,grey base,white body
2. JA-1001B,grey base,yellow body
3. JA-1001C,grey base,grey body,with colored label

10 pair highband disconnection module JA-1028

1.    Cat5e  module
2.    The module can privde superior high speed data an...

10 pair profile disconnection module JA-1005

1.    The module contain two pcs contacts normally closed.
2.    Internal diameter of wire: 0.4mm-0.65mm.

10 pair Number flag for LSA disconnection module JA-1312

1.    for LSA PLUS or LSA profile block
2.    number A:1-0  B:10-100
3.    plastic parts:ABS 
4.    Markers numbered modu...

LSA IDC module;LSA IDC connector JA-1011

1. A:2 pin  B:4 pin  C: 6pin D:8pin
2. connection contacts, PCB solder tails,

10 pair profile connection module JA-1005C

1.The modules contain one piece contact providing a continuous link between wiring.
2.Internal diameter of wire: 0.4mm-0.65mm.

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