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China RJ45 Surface Mount Box

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RJ45 Surface Mount Box

RJ45 surface mount box JC-2102

1.      JC-2102A  without keystone jack
2.      JC-2102B  with one keystone jack
3.      Single port, without shutter

RJ45 surface mount box JC-2103

1.      JC-2103A  without  keystone  jack
2.     JC-2103B  with  two  keystone  jack
3.     Dual  ports, without shutter

RJ45 surface mount box JC-2104

1.      JC-2104A  without  keystone  jack
2.      JC-2104B  with  one  keystone  jack
3.      Single  port, with shutter

RJ45 surface mount box JC-2105

1.      JC-2105A  without  keystone  jack
2.      JC-2105B  with  two  keystone  jacks
3.      Dual  ports, with shutter

8P8C/RJ45 Surface mount box JC-2112

1.    Single port
2.    Direct screw type
3.    Each box with adhesive cushion and 1 or 2 screws

Cat.5e RJ45 surface mount box JC-2109

1.      JC-2109A ,  dual ports
2.      JC-2109B ,  Single port
3.      110 IDC block.  Un-shielded type

Cat.5e RJ45 surface mount box JC-2110

1.      JC-2110A ,  110 IDC block
2.      JC-2110B ,  KRONE IDC...

Cat.5e RJ45 surface mount box JC-2111

1.      JC-2111A ,  110 IDC block
2.      JC-2111B ,  KRONE IDC...

Cat.5e RJ45 surface mount box JC-2108

1.      JC-2108A , Dual ports
2.      JC-2108B ,  Single port
3.      Krone IDC block, Un-shielded type.

Dual port desktop box JC-1035

desktop box, Dual port
Size: 147mm X 86mm X 32mm

50 pairs plastic distribution box for indoor JA-2052

1. Can be mounted with 10 pair LSA-PLUS disconnection or connection module
2. Dustproof box is suitable for indoor w...

RJ45 unshielded Modular Single Port Surface Mount box yellow

RJ45 unshielded Surface Mount Box for Voice Networking

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