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Insertion tool JA-4021D

Insertion tool
Suitable for connecting work of  wires and cables, modules ,distribution frames etc
The head of too...

Insertion tool JA-4018C

1.     Tool for IDC block. Inserts and crops wires simultaneously.
2.     With sensor.

Insertion tool JA-4031

1.      Suitable for C type terminal block.
2.      Various products mak...

Insertion Tool For Pouyet Module JA-4021DN

Insertion tool for pouyet module
The tools are all useful 10/8/5 pouyet typet module

Insertion Tool For Nortel Block JA-4032

For NORTEL type terminal block.

D type insertion tool JA-4021

For D type terminal block

71 type Insertion tool JA-4071

1.     Suitable for Siemens type terminal block .
2.     JA-4071A , Red color.

Ericsson insertion tool JA-4050

Gerneral specification:
tool insertion with sensor for Ericsson module
Usage of connecting jumper wire for Ericsson module...

110 Type Insertion Tool JA-4033

Suitable for110 type wiring block.

4055 type Insertion tool JA-4055

1.      Suitable for 3M type straight splicing module.
2.     JA-4055A , New ...

Krone Type Insertion Tool JA-4018A

1.    Tool for IDC termination. Inserts and crops wires simultaneously
2.    Complete with extraction tool and stop clip.

Krone Type Insertion Tool with sensor/punch down tools/Crimping tools JA-4018B

1.     Tool for IDC termination. Inserts and crops wires simultaneously
2.     Complete with extraction tool and stop clip....

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