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China 100 Pair Distribution Box

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100 Pair Distribution Box

100 pair indoor distribution box JA-2053

1.   Can be mounted with LSA-plus 10 pair disconnection or connection module
2.   With key clock

100 pair indoor distribution box for BT JA-2043

1.     The connection boxes mounted with LSA Modules. with screw lock
2.     Used to provide transition point so that outle...

100 pair indoor distribution box JA-2045

1.    Designed to accept  10 pcs 10 pair LSA  module
2.    Dustproof box is suitable  for indoor wire distribution

100 Pair indoor distribution box for BT JA-2082

Capacity : 10 pcs 10 pair LSA disconnection module

100 Pair indoor Distribution Box With Coin JA-2044

1.     JA-2044F, With 10 pcs 10 pair LSA module 
2.     Dustproof box is suitable for indoor wire distribution.
3.     ...

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