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  1. We are a professional Insertion Tools manufacturer and supplier in China. Here you can find high-quality products in a competitive price. Also we supply OEM service of products for you.
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Punch Down Tool with 110 Blade

For 110 type terminal blocks. (110 Type is the standard for Keystone Jacks, Patch Panels, and Surface Mount Boxes)

ms-v3 244271-1 AMP Picabond hand Crimp Tool Wide Handle VS-3 Picabond Ratchet Crimper

The VS-3 Hand Tool 244271-1 includes a standard VS-3 hand tool assembly a carrying case and a crimp height gauge.

Krone LSA-Plus Punchdown Tool for LSA strip,patch panels and wall sockets

Krone punch down tool, enables installers to make faster, more uniform connections in krone wiring blocks with far less effort

Insertion tool JA-4021D

Insertion tool
Suitable for connecting work of  wires and cables, modules ,distribution frames etc
The head of too...

Insertion tool JA-4018C

1.     Tool for IDC block. Inserts and crops wires simultaneously.
2.     With sensor.

Insertion tool JA-4031

1.      Suitable for C type terminal block.
2.      Various products mak...

Krone type disposable Insertion tool JA-4020

For KRONE IDC block and LSA module.

4055 type Insertion tool JA-4055

1.      Suitable for 3M type straight splicing module.
2.     JA-4055A , New ...

71 type Insertion tool JA-4071

1.     Suitable for Siemens type terminal block .
2.     JA-4071A , Red color.

Insertion Tool For Pouyet Module JA-4021DN

Insertion tool for pouyet module
The tools are all useful 10/8/5 pouyet typet module

Krone Type Insertion Tool JA-4018A

1.    Tool for IDC termination. Inserts and crops wires simultaneously
2.    Complete with extraction tool and stop clip.

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