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Rotation Module

Update Time:08-04-2011

Rotation Module

1,10 / 25 a rotary card module;
2, the card then life: terminal> 200, cap> 50;
3, with a screwdriver slot in the plastic cap clockwise 90 °, you can complete the wiring and cut the excess cable;
4, each connecting point are moisture, oxidation protective agent; color pea green and blue optional telecommunications;
5, the use of environmental conditions: temperature -20 ~ 60 ℃; relative humidity <85% (+30 ℃); atmospheric pressure of 70 ~ 106KPa
6, pull-off strength: bronze, silver (20 ~ 40uinch) applies diameter of 0.4 ~ 0.6mm, into the side after the pull-off strength of not less than 25N.
7, flame retardant: flame retardant plastic parts using PBT or ABS, the combustion performance should meet the GB / T 5169.7-1985 standard.
8, insulation resistance: the standard atmospheric pressure, either not connected between two terminals, the insulation resistance of not less than 1000MΩ.
9, the reed contact resistance between the terminals: the standard atmospheric pressure, either not connected to the contact resistance between two terminals is not greater than 7mΩ.
10, into a side contact resistance: In the standard experimental conditions the wire into the terminal with the terminal contact resistance less than 3mΩ.
11, Dielectric strength: in line with industry standards.

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